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I understand that there are several wardens looking for Larry Brown for exactly that. They've watched him shoot and found out the stuff flying out of his gun and being distibuted all over is a breakfast cereal. I also think there are several fields now fouled with a new invader species that has proved to be a problem to local farmers called a puffed wheat bush. It seems to take root everywhere Larry has been upland hunting. Rolling Eyes By the way, couldn't using puffed wheat as filler be considered carbo loading? Wink

Most mail order reloading houses carry the pot metal baffle for MEC machines made by the same company that makes the Universal Charge Bar. The other one is made by Down Range. It is a molded plastic baffle of very similar design. I've used both and either is fine.

They can be had for under $10 and are worth every penny on a progressive machine. They screw onto the bottom of the powder bottle and into the bracket over the charge bar. All they do is help regulate the gravity feed powder flow. This is important, because as the powder level drops, so can your charge weights if the baffle is not in place.

The only other tip I have that might help has to do with unusual vibrations and unusual raps or shocks while operating or prior to doing so. If some occurance causes excessive vibration or or if something bumps the press, I usually dump one or two powder and shot charges back into thier respective bottles. This insures that my ammo remains uniform from shell to shell and lot to lot. This can happen after adjusting any settings on the press, when sliding it into place prior to loading, or if something heavy falls on the reloading bench or if you have to rap anything on the bench with a hammer or mallet. Alll I do is remove the shells on stations two and three, dump the powder ans shot back into their respctive bottles, replace the two shell back into place, remove the dropped primer from the shell carrier back into the primer tray, and then continue loading as normal. I will do this once or twice to let the powder drop reregulate itself, then continue as normal.

This little extra step is important if yopu are loading ammo for registered targets or for scored league shooting. It insures that your ammo is the best it can be and removes one more negative doubt from your mind. I like the extra confidence this little bit of extra care gives me when I'm competing.
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