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PostPosted: Sun Sep 10, 2006 8:01 pm  Reply with quote

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So, by now you've laughed at my story and swore at my greed for snatching up all the 16ga remington field shells in Litchfield IL. It is time to tell you of another part of the saga which, fortunately, turned out OK this morning.

Since I had 22 new boxes of shells, and I want to reload some with 7/8 oz low pressure loads for Ms. Elsie and Ms. Sterlyworth, I decided to take 4 of the new factory boxes out with the Grade III sissytori this morning to shoot skeet.

Broke a 24 in the first round and a 23 in the second, but it came close to ending on the third round on station 2. I was first and smashed high 2 and low 2 and then was dropping shells in the gun for the doubles. First shell went right in top barrel, but I could not get the black shell in the bottom barrel Confused - it just would NOT fit. I'm thinkin, what is wrong with sissytori and my friends are asking what is the problem - gun broke. Took a look at the shell and damn near fainted - 12 GAUGE 3.75 dram 1.25 oz 4s. I swear - I just opened the box and dumped it into my pouch. A quick search of the rest of the pouch and the other box in my bag revealed that this was a loan shell (unless it has company in the other 18 boxes at the house Evil or Very Mad ).

Went and looked at the box I tossed in the burn barrel and it did have a torn bottom - perhaps someone slipped this in when box dropped at store Question

In any case - trouble averted for now. I sure wish we would go back to red (12), purple (16), yellow (20) for ALL shells.

Thank goodness I wasn't shooting a 12 (have not shot a 12 all year Smile ) and a 16 ga shell was the outlier. I shudder to think of what might happen....

good shooting.....

Dr. 16 Gauge
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PostPosted: Mon Sep 11, 2006 5:19 pm  Reply with quote

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Just when you think you have heard it all----you can't never be too careful---but how many times do you check a factory box for an odd gauge shell Rolling Eyes Embarassed Shocked
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