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Max, there's an article in an old issue of DGJ by Larry Brown where he went that route with a Stevens double; a 20ga as I recall. Interesting concept I suppose, if you're into that sorta thing. As for myself, I shoot the old Stevens as a rainy day gun just as she is, and she does quite well by me. In fact, as I've said many time, I sometimes think I shoot that gun better than any of 'em.

My Sterlingworths stay Sterlingworths, and my Trojan stays a Trojan. They are what they are, and we have a deal: I don't talk about their shortcomings, and they don't chastise me for mine Very Happy .

I get the idea behind custom guns and upgrades; just not my style. I'm in the Shoot 'em like they were made, or find something else camp; I just like seeing these old guns the way God made 'em. This is certainly not a judgement of anyone who feels differently. Thanks for the kind comments about my old Stevens; she's been a good 'un!

I feel a warm spot in my heart when I meet a man whiling away an afternoon...and stopping to chat with him, hear the sleek lines of his double gun whisper "Sixteen." - Gene Hill, Shotgunner's Notebook
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Have owned both years ago. The 311 never required any work as was basically problem free. On the other hand the 24 seemed to develop problems, one that I remember was it didn't want to open after firing, would lock up tighter than a bank vault, there were a couple of others too but don't remember, do remember I got rid of it.

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