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Dave In AZ
PostPosted: Wed Feb 15, 2017 6:03 pm  Reply with quote

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I will offer the counter opinion here.
If you are looking for loads for an older gun that are at low pressure, this is the wrong manual.
If you are looking for loads that only use Rem or Win hulls, this is the wrong manual.
As you can see, many folks have bought the book and never used it-- if you're just looking for a couple loads to shoot skeet or dove or some upland with, you can find everything you need in the excellent other free sources OR the yahoo group compendium of loads which contains many new pressure tests from some generous folks who have already posted in this thread.

BUT-- if you are looking to load non-tox, BPI Advantages is THE manual.
If you are looking to use your 16ga for waterfowl... BPI Advantages is it.
If you are looking to load Rio/Fiocchi/Cheddite/Herters hulls, BPI Advantages.
If you are looking to load lighter FAST loads, BPI Advantages is it.
If you like Gualandi wads, or B&P wads, which fit in straight wall hulls like Federal, Rio, Fiocchi, Cheddite, Herters...BPI has the most loads.
If you want a single book with 12/16/20/28ga; lead/steel/Hevishot/ITX10/ITX13/Bismuth, all of those for every gauge and not only 12ga... BPI Advantages.

If you're just interested in reloading and looking at new loads and data as an enjoyable pastime in it's own right-- BPI.
If you want to see ANY loads that have been developed and published in the last 20 years? Pretty much only BPI.
If you're at all interested in reloading for reloading sake, studying numbers etc., BPI Advantages is the first book I'd buy.

There are a LOT of haters out there, who dislike BPI for various reasons but quite often it's that they are a company trying to make a profit. (Sometimes stack height, sometimes folks don't trust the hottest load data, me amongst them). Like dogchaser, I don't like loads with unneeded buffer or inserts or complications; but for every 1 load with that stuff, there are 15 loads without it. But BPI is almost the only group actually testing and developing and publishing new loads, the only people doing non-tox work outside of 12ga pretty much.

Like AmericanMeet, a lot of my older 16ga stuff isn't well covered in BPI's book-- my old Win CF hulls, ACTIV, and older Rem hulls. But those are wearing out, I almost never see Rem 16ga on the shelf now, and what I CAN purchase cheaply is $60 flats of Herters (Cheddite hulls)-- so the need for more of those component recipes is growing for me, and I suspect a lot of folks.

Alliant published a bunch of reloading data, 90% of it many years ago and never updated, so they could sell their powder.
Hodgdon published a bunch of data, so they could sell their powder.
Claybuster publishes data so they can sell their wads.
BPI publishes new data in new areas using new components that very few others work with... so they can sell stuff. American Dream.

There you go Wink Re-reading your OP, it looks like you've spread-sheeted up like I have, and I'd say the chances are good you can find all you need without dropping the $25 for that book. But I think you'd enjoy it, particularly since you probably are sorting and looking at data trends now that you've got it in spreadsheets. And I look at it like the Duck Stamp: a worthwhile purchase that keeps something going that I enjoy, and helps keep the only guys currently testing/publishing almost any new data in business.
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PostPosted: Wed Feb 15, 2017 7:16 pm  Reply with quote

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Great post, Dave In AZ. Not every component sold or load published by BPI is for everybody, but there are a lot of loads and components available from them and worth trying, depending on your objectives. BPI is not trying to hurt you or give you a bag of crap for your hard-earned money. No one stays in business long with those ideas. BPI is trying to help the shooter by supply something of value, good components, good info -- innovation, too. Evidently a lot of people agree. BPI has been in business for a long time now, and they aren't going to go out of business soon. It's a successful business. That means they identified a market, and continue to develop it and satisfy it. That's where profit comes from, and profit is not a sin.
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PostPosted: Wed Feb 15, 2017 10:59 pm  Reply with quote

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If and it's a big if, they were truly testing then I wouldn't be as harsh with my comments concerning BPI as I am. They do not test and they would have gone bankrupt if they were having someone else do the testing for them.

Have you ever tried to reload their stuff?.....I have and a fair amount of it doesn't even have the correct wad column height. So how did it get tested?

Cold weather loads? What are cold weather loads? Who do you think started that nonsense? If you produce good loading data you don't have to differentiate between loads that work at 70 degrees and loads that work at 10 degrees.

Buffer in steel shot loads so that they pattern better? How about some of the steel shot wads they sell are cheap, and the buffer is actually there to prevent the steel shot pellets from rubbing through.

Motor Mica, lowers pressures and raises velocities........in a pigs eye.

Those are just some of the lies.

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PostPosted: Thu Feb 16, 2017 4:32 am  Reply with quote

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I'm with Dogchaser on this one they couldn't possibly test all those loads or they would be broke.

IMO, the BPI manuals aren't worth paper they are printed on . I have had a few of their loads tested and ALL where over max pressure . A couple of them where pretty scary 3000psi + over max .

I understand that people want believe they good loads because it fits their needs .
Just because it's printed doesn't make it so.
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