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I have an old Model 12 16 gauge That I picked up several years ago for $150 that shoots and functions great (made in 1937 according to the Madis book) but looked like it had been through a war in hell. I loved hunting w/ it, but I hated looking at it. Being that it is a plain field grade w/ little or no collector value, I decided to do something to make it look a little better. There is a gunsmith in my area that will do a matte finish reblue for $50, so I let him do it. While he had the metal, I took the stock and forearm down to bare wood and refinished it. WOW! what a difference. For $50 and a little elbow grease, it looks almost like a new gun.
I have a couple of other old guns that I have reblued myself that really do not look too bad. I could have reblued the Model 12 myself if not for being lazy at the time. Outers makes a gun bluing kit for around $12 that does a nice job. The trick is to polish all of the metal w/ 1000 grit sandpaper until it is white and shiny.
Anyway, I just put the Model 12 back together this morning so I thought I'd pass on my experience.

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