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PostPosted: Fri Mar 24, 2017 5:16 am  Reply with quote

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Had a thought while perusing the boards a bit, thought I'd ask the group.

I'm a newer member of the forums so if this has been asked/answered before feel free to let me know.

Understand we are a bit of a niche group, and as such finding gauge specific "shooting supplies" is often a challenge. Just using that term to cover things like custom chokes, various reloading supplies, hell even things like choke wrenches, plastic shell boxes, etc. (Not considering factory ammo in this conversation, different beast).

So I often see posts on various forums where we are trying to drum up support via forum posts or phone calls to manufacturers asking to do a special run of something...(Trulock and the steel wads are top of mind).

Has anyone ever utilized or looked into some of the web based project funding sources like Kickstarter Campaigns or GoFundMe pages etc. as an option to try and make some of those things a reality?

Using this as only a very general example, but I imagine someone like Mr. Trulock sees these requests, runs the numbers internally into time/labor/materials, realizes he'd have to sell xxxx number of choke tube sets for the new A5 to make it a reasonably profitable venture. So if we were able to get an idea of what that number is, set up a kickstarter project campaign with that goal in mind, have people who kick in "xxx" number of dollars up front on the list to receive a set when project is complete. If the project doesn't get funded nobody is out any money (cards don't get billed until project gets a certain funding %). If it funds fully (and quickly, with evidence for more demand) then I'd imagine they'd be added to his normal product offerings on a go forward basis.

I was imagining this might be viable for some of the niche items that we think we'd have high enough demand for that folks would vote with their wallet in advance to support. Also likely only possible with smaller companies where someone seems to have a good relationship, where you can talk to the folks who own the place from a trust/partnership perspective.

Obviously not a solution for large corporations, I doubt Browning would care very much about a kickstarter campaign for a 16ga 725 for instance... Smile

I'll add a disclaimer that I'm not intimately familiar with the mechanics of running a Kickstarter Project, I've contributed to several over the years, and had just received another request a few weeks ago so the idea sprang to mind here.

Anyway - just a rambling thought over my morning coffee that I thought I'd toss out for discussion instead of bothering certain members again with reloading questions.

Comments/questions/criticism(constructive) welcomed.
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PostPosted: Fri Mar 24, 2017 8:18 am  Reply with quote

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Interesting idea TH. I, like you, am not knowledgeable about these online setups, but would be interested.

I become concerned that if we don't do what we can to voice (or fund) our passion nothing will change. We talk about wanting more ammo selection, more reloading components, more gun options, but as a niche market that requires 'us' actively encouraging it. In the case of chokes, the fact of the matter is the younger generations in particular, have grown up with wholesale 'options' or 'modifications' as part of their experiences. If we want to grow or even carry on we must encourage change that the next generation desires.

We must address our critics that complain that 16 gauge is not for this or that. Just last weekend I talked with a 31 year old gentleman that was clear in his opinion that our gauge was not suitable for turkey hunting. Too little shot in loads or lack of turkey chokes for proper use. I was able to point out the power and value of reloading and the quality of tailored ammo comparing to the value of hand-loaded rifle shells. I was able to point out Turlock's turkey chokes, the fact I can make my own heavyweight or hevi-shot loads. These are the misconception within the market 'we' must address or accept our fate as a niche market always on the verge of decline or accepting that grow with be measured in insignificant gains.

I just hope the sporting world opens up a 16 gauge class!

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PostPosted: Fri Mar 24, 2017 1:28 pm  Reply with quote

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Common perception is turkey's are armor plated.
There are several currently manufactured loads that are plenty powerfull enough for turkey's, in 16 Ga. Issue is some guys want to roll them at 55 yards.
I say call them into reasonable range, and bring them home to dinner! Cool
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PostPosted: Fri Mar 24, 2017 4:41 pm  Reply with quote

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The last turkey I shot with a 16 gauge was killed with B&P F2 #5 at 35 yds...one shot and dropped right there. I saw this tom from a distance and ran around the other side of the hill to cut him off a long a creek bottom. The F2 was all I had in the truck.
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PostPosted: Sun Mar 26, 2017 5:17 am  Reply with quote

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search back thru our threads and find Nick's narrative on the development and manufacturing adventures of the DR wad . It will tell you the path to our todays wad . Cost him about 100K+ to mfg and it shows how complicated it is . If you've followed along , you can see how diff it is to fix (created our wad shortage for a yr) . So , it's not IMPOSSIBLE to create a new thing , just neither cheap or easy . (need to get GG to dare you and tell you how impossible it is to do that , EH GG !!?? )

Molly sez AArrrooooooah !
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zoli 16ga.
PostPosted: Sun Mar 26, 2017 8:33 am  Reply with quote

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I find a lot of the 'larger' sporting goods stores carry 16ga. shells. Bass pro carries 16ga. in steel shot also, mind you only in #2's and 4's. They also carry Rem SP16 wads and various powders. I do roll my own, but I can always buy Rem Game loads by the case if I needed to. I can also get 16ga. hulls and wads shipped to me from out west. A bit of a premium is paid, but if you order by the 1000(s) the cost is not prohibitive. If profits can be made, retailers will sell more 16ga. 'stuff', but not enough of us sixteener's around to warrant a major stock pile.....yet.

16ga. Remington Express Long Range loads (1 1/8th of #6's) should take any turkey, at any ethical range. They are also available at my local bass pro.

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Pine Creek/Dave
PostPosted: Sat Apr 29, 2017 10:41 am  Reply with quote

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Zoli 16,
If you are looking for 16 shells, check out Lion Country Supply on the Net, I order all my 16 Gauge SpredR loads from them, and my Fiocchi shells also. They deliver right to your door. If you order from them over their Net Store, you get a nice discount.

Pine Creek/Dave

"L.C. Smith America's Best" - John Houchins
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