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Pine Creek/Dave
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My family has a fine collection of L.C. Smith double guns along with a few others.
We store the guns in our guns safes/gun rooms with a good dryer for removing humidity. Knowing how to properly clean and oil the guns is mandatory for longevity gun quality. The following is how we store or guns.

We use Break Free to Clean our Pre 13 Smith guns, removing all the Break Free from all the different parts of the guns when they are fully cleaned. We then put a single drop of Singer Sewing Machine oil on the Breech Join, Ejector/Extractors and the Brown Rotary Bolt of our Smith Guns.

The guns are then stored Barrel up in our guns safes/gun rooms or gun cabinets depending on which of the homes they are in at the time. Each Gun Safe or Gun Cabinet has a dryer that keeps our good guns at the proper temp and dryness when stored.

We have stored our good guns in this manner for many generations, we have no gun failures and no cracks in any of our guns stocks due to over oiling. Our Grandfathers and Fathers teach us how to properly clean and house our good guns.
Each person needs to learn exactly how it is done and pass the knowledge down thru the generations, if you want to keep your guns perfect on a longevity basis thru many generations.

Pine Creek/Dave

This is the way they store Annie's priceless L.C. Smith Double Guns on display, at the Cody Museum.
[URL=http://s264.photobucket.com/user/pine-creek/media/20131018_114835_zpsfdd56253.jpg.html] [/URL]

"L.C. Smith America's Best" - John Houchins
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