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To all: Great stuff!!!

Keep it coming.

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Two Pipe Shoot
PostPosted: Sun Aug 13, 2017 8:12 pm  Reply with quote

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cowdoc87 wrote:
Only to add to the wonderful list

"Long, as long goes to tired hunters, we sat by the fire"..-from "The Harp that Once". Nash Buckingham

At camp near bedtime, I enjoy reading aloud to the gang some old hunting stories from old days by Evans, Buckingham, Faulkner, and others. Oftentimes I'm interrupted by complete quiet, followed by soft snoring, and figure their dreams are off to a good start.
Love this, "dreams off to a good start" is as fine a compliment as one can bestow upon the teller of tales. That's fine shootin Doc. Reno

If you speak ill of farmers, don't do it with your mouth full.
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Pine Creek/Dave
PostPosted: Mon Aug 14, 2017 7:26 am  Reply with quote

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Zoli 16 ga,

Words of advise on becoming a serious Grouse hunter from a 50 year veteran Grouse hunter. #1 learn that the dog is the Grouse hunter, let him do his job, learn to read your dog. #2 An experienced Grouse hunter is not a brush buster, walk the Logging Roads, Deer Paths and Edges of the Forest, setting yourself up to gun Grouse properly, in any weather and location. #3 learn to instinctively set up properly for gunning Grouse, this takes time and is very very important, shoot with both eyes open. #4 Learn to mount your gun properly and quickly, taking your safe off as you begin to mount the gun, react quickly shoot slowly, and never leave empty shells in the woods. #5 keep your eyes on the flying Grouse, not your gun, your actions with your double gun should become an ingrained reflex action. #6 Reload your double gun immediately there maybe more Grouse in the Covert than you think, standing with an empty gun as a full Grouse Covert explodes into the air, is not what you want to happen. #7 Always have your dog follow up your Grouse shots, you may have winged the Grouse and not killed it out right. #8 When you are Grouse hunting with another person, learn and use the triangle technique to up your hunting percentage. #8 Hunt safely, never take anything for granted, as you initially load your gun at the vehicle, announce that your gun is loaded, especially when hunting with others. #9 Never shoot over another mans dogs unless you have been given permission. #10 Acquire a good Grouse Hunting mentor and learn from that person if you possibly can, and pass on your skills to the next generation.


"L.C. Smith America's Best" - John Houchins
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