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JBo wrote:
So I was working on my crimp settings for the 7/8 oz. load last night and discovered that if I stopped the final crimp downstroke anout 1/4" from bottoming out the handle, it resulted in a near perfect crimp. I put a piece of 1/4" steel under the handle to act as a spacer and turned out 3 more that looked identical to the first.

You shouldn't need a shim to limit your press stroke. Correctly adjusting the crimp depth punch and the crimp cam setting should do the trick.

First maybe you might check to see if the press center post is correctly set for 2-3/4 inch hulls. It probably is, but check this anyway just to be sure. Next, check your crimp die to see if it is installed correctly. Your press instructions will help here. If you don't have the instructions, then get some from MEC. MEC C/S has a 1-800 number as I remember. Call them up for advice. They are always willing to help based on my experience.

Next, and if everything above is correct, then back off the cam setting and the crimp depth punch and begin your adjustments over again. Set the cam and the depth punch alternately a bit at a time until the crimp folds are closed down nice and flat but are not recessed or tapered yet. Then tweak the punch and cam settings a bit at a time until the crimp is fully formed nicely flat and tapered and the crimp depth is correctly set all on the same slow and gentle down stroke.

Just be patient, go slow, and be gentle with the press handle until you get the feel of things. Keep in mind that different brand hulls are made of slightly different plastic tubing which have slightly different thicknesses. Each type of hull reacts differently when being crimped. Experience will show you what you need to know. Good luck.
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