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This might seem to be an odd post. I recently got an older German Drilling combination gun (3 barrels 16x16 side by side, and 8x57 JR under the side by side barrels). The gun was made in 1938 and is a J.P Sauer in excellent condition.

The shotgun bores are probably full and full. It is common in Germany to hunt these guns with slugs when going after somethng like deer or boar.

When I tested the gun with 16 gauge Rotweil/Brenneke slugs (1 oz at 1600fps) the convergence at 50 yards was WAY off.The right barrel impact was a 15 inches to the left, and the left barrel shot 8 inches to the right.

I am told that double guns will diverge more when shooting higher velocity loads. Thus, I wonder if a 16 gauge 4/5 oz slug going about 1,200 or 1,300 fps is likely to converge better than the 1,600 fps load. OOORRRR

Am I full of baloney?

If not, Does anyone know where I can get such a low velocity 16 gauge load, or failig that where I can get reloading data for such?
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PostPosted: Tue Mar 23, 2010 4:22 pm  Reply with quote

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Having not shot any slugs for near 20 years, this is what I remember.

Looks like you are past your point of convergence if the right barrel shoots left and the left barrel shoots right. Try shortening the distance to 40 yards (or 35 meters (38.29 yards) as was explained to me by a German gunsmith).

Also, if the barrels are smooth (not rifled) and the slugs are in a sabot and are not rifled, there is probably no spin put on them when they leave the muzzle. No spin means less accuracy, especially at 50 yards. Sabot slugs are generally meant to be shot out of fully rifled barrels or barrels with a rifled choke tube. Smooth bore barrels will probably do better with the cheaper, more generic rifled slugs. You may want to ask someone who is up on this sort of thing, but I believe rifling on the slugs will compress somewhat on leaving the full choke. But you normally don't want to shoot a slug out of a full choked barrel.

Don't know anything about the velocity question but I would try the rifled slugs first.
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