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PostPosted: Sat Aug 12, 2006 8:11 pm  Reply with quote

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I know you Merkel guys like to use the 1 1/4 oz., 1400 fps cannon boomers to make up for the inherent inadequatesies associated with that particular type of shotgun, (stiff, heavy, cumbersom, clublike etc.). Laughing

My question is, what do the refined gentlemen on this site prefer for a pheasant load for the civilized, game guns (Parker, Fox and (maybe) Stirlingworths) which are slightly older than 16GG? (80+ years).

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PostPosted: Sun Aug 13, 2006 8:38 am  Reply with quote

Matt your being kind of hard on old TJC and Thudd aren't you.

But for my fine old Parkers, Foxes (including a couple of Sterlingworths) Ithacas and LeFevers my choice of loads changes as the bird season progresses.

I try to keep my loads to 9500 psi or less and use only the hardest shot I can find which is usually West Coast brand, however, I did come across a 25 lb bag of Winchester Lubaloy #6 shot I will use this fall.

I will start in September using a 7/8th ounce of 7 1/2s at 1200 fps and a chamber pressure of about 9000 psi for Dove.

Mid September I will change to one ounce of #7s at 1220 fps and a chamber pressure of 9500 psi for Grouse. I'll throw in some 1 1/8th ounce Pheseant loads at 1210 fps and a chamber pressure of 8400 psi for Sage Grouse.

November I start with the 1 ounce load of 7s in the right barrel and a 1 1/8th load of 6s in the left barrel switching back to the 7/8th ounce load of 7 1/2s when I get into a covey of Quail and start hunting the singles.

My late season, bad weather load for Pheasant is the 1 1/8th ounce load with 5s.
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