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You might want to call him. I sent him a 28 gauge barrel to be reamed out, and waited quite a long time. When I called him, he had set it aside on the back of his bench, and forgot about it. He did get right on it, and got it back to me.

Oregunner (Mark)
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PostPosted: Tue Nov 07, 2017 9:57 am  Reply with quote

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I have had very good results with Mike Orlen. I thought he did have a "thin wall" choke tube product, as well as the old Colonial brand thick and short stuff. Maybe not in 16, though. Mostly I have had him ream chokes out for me -- at least two model 12 16's and one Sterlingworth. I have, over the years become tired of choke tubes, and enamored with fixed chokes. Are you sure you really need choke tubes, Kevin? Fixed chokes are much less costly and better looking in my opinion. I like IC for lots of reasons now that we are in the non-toxic ultra-hard shot era (3 decades or so, now). See my post in this thread http://www.16ga.com/forum/viewtopic.php?p=191406&highlight=#191406

In my doubles for upland I have had Mike open 16's to the neighborhood of light-mod/improved cyl to skeet -- about .011 to .005 constriction. I think my Sterly is .011 and .007. In repeaters (Model 12's etc) I've gone to about .007 to .005. With today's good wad units you don't need a heck of a lot of choke out to the ranges you'll likely take game or inanimate targets. You sure don't want or need much choke for the hard non-toxics. Of course, loading your own ammo gives you other choices to alter your patterns, from spreaders to buffering for tighter patterns. And remember, larger shot generally patterns tighter, too, and you'll select larger shot for pellet energy at longer ranges and larger birds. When buying an old gun I seldom consider the choke situation anymore. If they are crazy tight, I'll have the chokes reamed out by Mike, but if for some reason I don't want to do that, I'll alter the load to achieve the desired patterns. I've found Mike will ream to your exact spec -- I give him a tolerance, plus/minus, but he gets mine exact! I've had amazing turnaround on my barrels, too -- if I send them Friday, they come back to me the next Friday! I have no special influence with Mike either -- these things just happened -- every time.
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