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PostPosted: Sat Dec 16, 2017 8:04 pm  Reply with quote

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The recent thread about doubling on game birds got me to thinking, especially after the accounts of bonus birds, "twofers" if you will. There are a few ways this happens.

Sometimes it is shear luck...and we happily accept that.

Other times, after years of experience, you actually can see it coming and intentionally try to time the shot, often ending with neither bird but it's fun to try. You feel like a hero when someone else sees it. This opportunity is somewhat common with huns and teal.

And then there is the situation where you actually plan for it, searching hard when a lot of birds are passing over head-mainly a waterfowl scenario.

Soooo...does anyone remember their first intentional "twofer"?

Not my first two for one, but certainly the first time for category three took place near Westhope, North Dakota. Two friends and I were pass shooting snow geese as they returned from the Canadian side of the border.

October 28th, 2000. We had the ideal situation: 40 mph winds out of the south. The geese were using the dam as a wind break and coming over at tree top height. Every time the mass of geese, over 100,000 of them, stirred in a massive cyclone about 5 miles north of U.S. soil, several little waves would come back. The three of us shot snow geese at delightful distances, when we guessed the wind right! A few Mallards too.

All was going well when the main event began: nonstop geese overhead until dark! There was one little snag though. Five minutes into this amazing experience, Nick hustled over wanting to borrow ammo. "You're out already?!" I remarked, half shocked. Then Nick gave the reply I never saw coming, " I used the WHOLE box!" My response? "Box?! One box? The limit is 20 snows apiece and you only brought one box? A little optimistic don't you think?" Nick shook his head and replied "I never thought it would be THIS good". At any rate, I told him to help himself to the ammo bag and we used up my supply very quickly.

When it got to the point that I only had a handful of duck loads left, I started looking for chances where one flock was drifting close over another and only took those shots. I sent eight shots upward under such conditions. Three of them were successful! I was exuberant until I remembered we had to pack all of those geese, plus eight mallards, nearly a mile back to Lunde's Jeep. Thought I was going to die under the load, but what a memory!

Only catch snowflakes on your tongue AFTER the birds fly south for the winter...
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PostPosted: Sun Dec 17, 2017 5:08 am  Reply with quote

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Great story WC, 1 box going for Snows...optimistic,yes.

Station 1 pair, and they don't give extra credit points for hitting the "twofer" and make you shoot the low house over...whats up with that??!! Rolling Eyes Very Happy

Sorry, I'm a Duck Hunter so shouldn't be held strictly responsible for my actions between Oct 1st and ice up.
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PostPosted: Sun Dec 17, 2017 9:19 am  Reply with quote

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Great snow goose story. I've been out a few times for them, but always been cursed with bluebird weather and scant opportunities. Still waiting for my first "tornado."

My first twofer or "Scotch Double" was hunting sage grouse in Wyoming with a couple of buddies. We were about 5 minutes out on an all morning hunt and I was off to the left side walking a desert two track when sage grouse began lifting off about 25 yards ahead. About the third bird to lift off was met with a load of 20 ga Fiocchi GP #6's and as I fired I noticed another chicken just lifting. To my astonishment, both sage grouse dropped and the dog and I went in for the retrieves. I was ecstatic with my limit of sage grouse with one shot until it dawned on me I was going to lugging those two big birds and an empty shotgun around for the next several hours.

An elderly gentleman, his faithful dogs, and a 16 ga SXS. All is right with the world.
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Two Pipe Shoot
PostPosted: Sun Dec 17, 2017 11:09 am  Reply with quote

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I drew bead on the head of a fine Osceola gobbler and pulled the trigger just as another just like him cleared the fronds. Those boys weren’t dipping into decoys but my thrill was just as soaring an experience. Reno

If you speak ill of farmers, don't do it with your mouth full.
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