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8mmFan wrote:
df wrote:
What problems have you heard with the wood on gran Lightning’s?

Cracking in the wrist. It seems that--with some of them at least--the higher grades of wood have a lot of grain that isn't straight. If the grain in the wrist--the thinnest part of the stock--isn't straight, it's prone to cracking. I've read of it in reviews, heard it at the range from one shooter, and read of it here. For a quick dive, search here for "Citori Gran Lightning". You'll find at least a few references to the issue.

I should add: I hope that your Gran Lightning works out great and lasts for decades. No doubt it will, and obviously the things I've read are isolated instances. There are hundreds (thousands?) out there with no problems at all. It was just enough for me to take a pass. Believe me, I wanted one.


Thanks, good to know.
I bought a NIB A5 Browning 12ga about eight years ago. It was a DU gun with fancy wood. On the third shot the stock broke completely in two at the wrist. Sent it to Browning and they charged me I believe $250 to replace.
They actually put on a very figured piece of wood. Sold it soon after.
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PostPosted: Tue Feb 20, 2018 10:35 am  Reply with quote

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An update to my Citori story. I spoke to one of the fellows who has some authority at the repair center in Missouri and after declining my request for a new gun, asked for some time to research my particular gun.

About 45 minutes after our first conversation, he called back and told me the following:

Only a few of the blanks they received from Japan were, in their opinion, Grade IV.

There is some issue with my receiver and the blanks that made them very difficult to fit together and questionable as to the same situation happening.

The decision was made to send the gun to a custom stockmaker they retain with a Grade IV blank and have him work it up from scratch.

Cost to me = $0.00 with a new completion date of March 2018.

I have always given the benefit of the doubt to anyone until proven wrong. I give it to these people.

I will report on receipt.


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PostPosted: Tue Mar 20, 2018 6:02 pm  Reply with quote

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I just bought a BPS 16 Upland Special. No problems so far, everything looks good.

Forget the past, the past is gone forever, right now is where it's happening.
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PostPosted: Tue Mar 20, 2018 7:59 pm  Reply with quote

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I should add here that Browning returned my White Lightning to me after about three weeks, but I haven't had a chance to shoot it yet. As near as I can tell, they put an entire new set of barrels and barrel assembly on the gun!!! They did not specify that on the return slip, but either the barrels are new or they're restored. My 20ga and 12ga Citori's shoot--and operate--very well.
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Hammer bill
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I have a 325 and 525. Both worth flawlessly. Have put many rounds of trap thru my 525 no problem. That said I was at the Ohio Cardinal shoot 2 yrs ago. Went into Browning booth. I seen their printed advertisement of their shotgun ammo. It showed the Browning 16 ammo. I went to the Browning rep and inquired about where to get a box of 16's. He said they don't make or sell 16 gauge shotgun ammo. I said have you looked at your literature. I had to point it out to him. I asked have u worked for Browning long. He said 5 years. I told him he must have missed their siminars.
Not a good thing to employ people and not be familiar with your product that their supposed to represent.
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