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kennedey756 -- I'll also chime in to say, yes, Cheddite primers fit anything a Winchester 209 will.

Can you tell me what reloader you are using? I have found in some Remington empties, particularly 28 gauge STS, anything other than a Remington STS primer takes considerably more effort to seat properly. The Remington STS primer is a tad shorter and more tapered than a W209. I suppose the primer pockets of Remington hulls are a bit shorter, and, of course have never had a longer primer seated. Once any other 209 primer has been seated in these hulls, the problem has been overcome and does not reappear in the future.

My problem was in reloading those Remington hulls (again,mostly 28's) with a MEC 9000. With that automated progressive reloader, there is only a limited amount one can adjust to seat "tight" primers. However, seating tight primers is never a problem with a single-stage loader, like a MEC 300, 400, 600, 700, Sizemaster, etc, or any of the other single stagers like PW, etc. So If I find a batch of hulls where I cannot reliably fully seat the primer of my choice, and that is a seldom thing I might add, I simply prime them with a MEC 600 the first time, and that cures the problem for the life of the hull. If you are now reloading with a single stage loader, you might in some cases feel a little more effort is required, but you will always be able to seat a Cheddite or any other nominally 209-sized primer in a Remington hull or any other hull, as long as it wasn't originally primed with a larger primer, such as a Fiocchi or a Rio. In fact, with a single stage loader I can seat a 209 sized primer in old hulls that originally had the much smaller 57-sized primers!

So fear not, and load on.


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