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PostPosted: Mon Dec 17, 2007 8:36 pm  Reply with quote

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Captain_Billy - And I've never seen a 311 or a 5100 with a screw thru the the top of the lever and another screw thru the top above the safety. The 315 is the only one that Numrich shows a schematic of with those two features. That is why I asked about the pin placement and gave the link to the picture of a gun that has the two screws (or bolts as he called them).

I was asking a question to help identify the gun or which series of Stevens guns by readily identifiable features and giving him a picture to look at rather than telling him that it is something else. "one and the same gun"

I have also never seen a 315 stamped 5000, or a 5000 stamped 5100, or a 311 stamped 5000 or 5100 or any other permutation of the above. If you knew it was a 5000 as was stamped then why didn't you just say that is what it is rather than telling him that it could be one of the others??? "one and the same gun"

But most importantly, why did you tell him it had a 2 3/4" chamber ??? Every Stevens 16 that I have seen is stamped as having one if it does, right under the "Proof Tested 16 Gauge"
Trying to get somebody killed or maimed by showing off your superior knowledge??? (your 1st post "it will be chambered for 2 3/4" )

For your information, the Savage manufactured Springfield model 5000 guns started production in 1920 - before any 2 3/4" 16 ammo was made- and ended in 1931. 2 3/4" chambers were not standard on a 16 during that time, and Savage sure as heck didn't chamber guns for ammo that didn't exist!!

If you would like to read the sticky up above, you would find this info that was posted

"When Western brought out the Super-X in 16-gauge it came in a 2 9/16 inch case. Up through at least the 1937 Western Ammunition Handbook only 2 9/16 inch hulls are listed for 16-gauge. The next paper I have is 1941. The Winchester Ammunition Guide offers the Super-Speed in both 2 9/16 and 2 3/4 inch....
Remington seemed to be the leader in lengthening the 16-gauge hull. When Remington brought out their Model 11 and "Sportsman" Autoloading shotguns in 16-gauge along about 1931 or 2 they were made for 2 3/4 inch shells and their catalogues stated "..the new 16-gauge Auto Express Shell has been developed for use in this model as well as the Sportsman."

So as you say " shot a few different loads in it if possible and see what the old girl does. " Maybe it will be okay - for a while, then it will get loose, or crack the stock or maybe just maybe come apart rather violently in his hands. Are you going to pay his gunsmith or doctor bills???

It doesn't really matter but the only cross references I have do not show a Ranger 101.6
they do show a Ranger :

101.2 Savage 238
101.3 Hunter Arms Fulton Special,
101.8 Stevens 83

they do show a Sears (not Ranger) 101.600 which is a Stevens, but it is a 39A, or a 59A, B, C .410 bolt action

MD - maybe I need to spell it out for you. i was not saying anything disparaging about Ranger branded Sears marketed guns. High Standard guns were marketed under the J. C. Higgins, Sears, and Ted Williams names. Some High Standard guns were quite attractive. Thus my rather lame joke on your "pretty high standards"

But then again, maybe you don't like High Standards, or anything made from "1930 to present" . I like to judge a tool on how it preforms, no matter when it was made, High Standard pistols were the standard by which all .22 pistols were judged for many many years. They also made a semi-auto shotgun that was very highly thought of by the late Elmer Keith.
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Lefty Dude
PostPosted: Mon Dec 17, 2007 10:50 pm  Reply with quote

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Easy guys;

I did not expect to start a range war here asking for Y'all's expertise.

This ain't my first Rodeo Exclamation

I am going about this cautiously, as I know about short chambers, preassure & such. I will not shoot the piece till I know the chamber length.

I also know a Gunsmith who has a 16 gauge chamber & throating reamers. If I decide to go that way. I do not like safe Queens. If I have a piece I shoot it. As I stated I have the brass 2 1/2" shells and will most likely use them for the piece if that chamber is short.

My Post war Fox B 16 is on a 20 gauge frame and it is stamped on the right barrel under Proof tested: 16 gauge 2 3/4 inch chamber. This piece does not have that 2 3/4" stamp. For safety this is why I am doing some research.

This piece seems to be on a medium frame. It is smaller than my 311H/12 and larger than the fox B/16. Like was stated; it is not the same Animal.

Those 30" barrels swing like a club. Wished they were a few inches shorter.

Again, thanks for all your help.
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PostPosted: Tue Dec 18, 2007 4:28 am  Reply with quote

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Right on Berg , now that you have reamed everyone's ass you are superior. Sounds like your really enjoying this forum Rolling Eyes Maimed and killed Rolling Eyes Laughing Laughing The topic is "yours".
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M D Christian
PostPosted: Tue Dec 18, 2007 7:09 am  Reply with quote

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Berg: Looks like we were not on the same page I was talking about high standards , not High Standards..MDC
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Lefty Dude
PostPosted: Tue Dec 18, 2007 6:16 pm  Reply with quote

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Y'all, Gun Fighter's; Did more research & chamber checking.


Thanks for the excellent chambering check suggestion with the stiff paper measurement. I rolled a 3.5" X 5" index card around a 3/4" dowell as a round form. Inserted it in the chamber breech, just to the point where I could feel a slight resistance. With a very sharp pencil, marked the face of the breach on the rolled card. Removed and measured 2 3/4" with both barrels several times. I then did the same to my Fox B, WBTW has had the forcing cone lengthened. There is a difference between the two pieces, for sure. The Fox B has less restriction forward of the chamber area, ie: forcing cone. The Fox had a heavy recoil before I had the cones reamed, Federal Hi-base heavy loads would knock your filling out of your teeth. I suspect this piece would do the same. When you look down the barrels between the chamber & forcing cone there appears to be rougher machine marks, could be this piece chamber's were lengthened some time in the past. The Fox B did not have this before I had it reamed, it is marked 2 3/4" chambers.

I did additional verification of this chamber/ length measureing technique. I used my 311/12 which has 2 3/4"- 3" chamber. This piece measured 3 inches on the money. This confirms for me this technique is a useful method for checking chamber length.

A Friend of mine E-Mailed a cut from a Sears Catalog and the Pix is the same as this piece. Ivory beads, 30" barrel length walnut stock, Checkering on the fore piece and stock grip all match including the lever screw. They made it in a single trigger version also.

Need to get out and shoot the piece this week, then its to the pattern board.

Again thanks, much to all. Wink
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PostPosted: Wed Dec 19, 2007 7:04 pm  Reply with quote

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Hey Lefty,

Take a look on Auction Arms.com. Item # 8386456. It rang a bell when I came across it. Close to what you are talking about?
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Lefty Dude
PostPosted: Thu Dec 20, 2007 9:34 am  Reply with quote

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This looks like the piece I have.

Basically the same piece, mine has 5000, where that one is stamped 5100.

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PostPosted: Sat Jan 02, 2021 8:04 pm  Reply with quote

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Sorry to drag up an old thread, but my Ranger 101.6 is most definitely a Stevens 5100. Itís a beater that I drug home a few years ago, but as itís a 16, Iíll keep it.

I had the 16ga Stevens 520 drug out this evening too, what a tank, its no Model 12, but again, Iím kind of a knucklehead for the golden oldies.

Contemplating making up some 1300fps 3/4oz loads to play with next Spring. (If I live that long,,,,,)
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